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Patient Advocacy


What is Patient Advocacy?

The primary goal of medical advocacy is to assist in health care decision making, educate patients about their treatment and care options, identify patient-centered solutions that are effective for both the patient and their health care providers and ensure regulatory and legal compliance. In this capacity, the patient advocate serves as a problem solver and facilitator to ensure the most beneficial outcomes primarily for the patients but for all stakeholders.

Given the growing complexity of health care, patient advocates have come to serve an important and recognized role in assisting patients in navigating the challenges and obstacles associated with the modern day health care delivery system. These individuals represent patients and their families in all aspects of the health care process from evaluating treatment options, to ensuring the delivery of high-quality care, to billing and insurance processes. Patient advocates function as a key part of an interdisciplinary health care team, serving in a diverse array of health care settings, including:

•Community health care centers
•For-profit health care settings
•Health maintenance organizations
•Long-term care facilities
•Public and private hospitals &
•Rehabilitation facilities

Our advocates roles include:

Advocating for patients and families to ensure quality care

Address, prioritize and resolve complants from patients, families, medical professionals and insurance representatives

Convey compassion and concern for individuals and families on a consistent basis.

Differentiating between routine issues and those requiring escalation to a higher level.

Discuss medical care with physicians, nurses and other health care team professionals.


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